Innovative LoadSense drive technology

26 January 2013

LoadSense mechatronics solution: No more step loss


The new LoadSense drive technology developed by Sonceboz is based on a standard NEMA 23 or 34 hybrid stepper motor. It integrates an intelligent electronic driver featuring load sensing and close loop control, and adapted interfaces into a compact package.

It delivers a torque up to 9 Nm and a resolution of up to 51200 microsteps/revolution. The intelligence of the embedded electronics improves overall performance by permanently adapting the phase current to meet the needs of the task. This alone makes a 50% reduction in size possible.

Thanks to the integration of intelligent electronics and the efficient magnetic structure of the stepper motor, this brushless mechatronic system is reliable, rugged, and guaranteed with no step loss. This avoids having to integrate a costly external encoder.

Other advantages of this motor include reduced electrical consumption and low temperature elevation in the motor, resulting in above average energy efficiency and low maintenance. It is a low noise design, which means that the motor runs silently.

Sonceboz’s integration of all of these elements results in a variety of advantages, such as an optimized motor driver combination, a reduced size, and an excellent electromagnetic compatibility for a reliable and precise drive. This mechatronic system is thus particularly well suited to a direct drive, such as peristaltic, volumetric, and metering pumps, valves and conveyor.


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Our developments are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with contact-free technology, to produce linear or rotary motion. Stepper or brushless DC motors, sensors, gear trains, and electronic controls: these are the key elements of your tailored mechatronic system. Positioning, dosing, regulating: for each motion challenge, a solution perfect in size, durability, robustness, noise level, and much more.
designed by Andrea Stefani