Stepper with integrated Ethercat driver

25 March 2021

The vector control technology integrated  in stepper motor has realized a performing system able to reduce costs and overall dimensions. The models with encoder input permit to manage in closed-loop the motor and avoid the step-loss, permit the torque control, reduce moise and increase the overall performance of the application. Activating the dynamic control of current is possible limit the heating of the motor and energetic consumption.

Ethercat integrated

The integrated motors of DMS7xE series have NEMA34 flange and nominal torque up to 12.1 Nm, are equipped with ethercat field bus (CoE protocol and CiA ds402 profile). The driver can work in Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Profile Torque, Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP) e Cyclic Synchronous Velocity (CSV). Furthemore are available Touch Probe and Homing method, with more than 50 different types.


Brochure motors with Ethercat integrated
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