Industrial LoadSense

27 July 2017

Intelligent actuators for decentralized systems LoadSense with CANopen – smart and robust

Easily combinable and pre-tested mechatronic drive units are particularly in demand for decentralized systems, Their complexity is encapsulated which helps to provide greater clarity. The IP67 LoadSense actuator with integrated electronics has analog and digital inputs and outputs which can be used directly for specific control tasks around the motor. It is integrated in complete systems by means of standardized communications interfaces such as CANopen. This allows users to create specific software and diagnostic functions and transfer them to the drive for local execution. Downloading software functions via a bus is an interesting basis for shortest possible downtimes and flexible adaptation to new uses. The LoadSense motor technology is based on a brushless multipole drive. A specially developed, robust magnetic sensor generates the actual control circuit value for the position. Its high resolution allows analysis of the load angle. The load information controls the motor current, ensuring energy-efficient operation, with little heat generation and smooth running. The motor control system also functions without restrictions at speeds down to 0 rpm. The actuator thus easily copes with constant changes from high acceleration to braking and vice versa. Over 40,000 operating hours at torques up to 8 Nm are not a problem. Integration in class IP67 housing for a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C offers new application options, for example in particularly dusty or wet environments such as roller conveyors in intralogistics facilities or heliostats in CSP solar energy systems. Many industrial solutions are not considered under these circumstances due to their insufficient tightness or lack of resistance to extremes of temperature. 


  • Direct drive torque up to 9 Nm
  • Analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • CANopen standard DS-301, DS-402, DS-305
  • Industrial Ethernet and wireless upon request
  •  IP65 / IP67 water and dust resistant
  • -40° to 85°C operating temperature
  •  Standard NEMA 23 and 34 size
  •  Integrated electronics compatible 24-48V
  • Fault tolerant operation
  •  Over temperature protection
  • Over torque protection upon request
  • Real-time torque estimation upon request
  • Low noise / low vibration
  • High precision speed / position control


  • Flexibility for embedded customized
  • Gearless – long service life
  • No additional driver and control system
  • Suitable for intermittent movements
  • Reduced energy consumption due
    to intelligent motion control
  • Easy to integrate thanks to compact design
  • Suitable for in- and outdoor environment


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Our developments are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with contact-free technology, to produce linear or rotary motion. Stepper or brushless DC motors, sensors, gear trains, and electronic controls: these are the key elements of your tailored mechatronic system. Positioning, dosing, regulating: for each motion challenge, a solution perfect in size, durability, robustness, noise level, and much more.
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