Motori NEMA 23 con elettronica integrata


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Sistema di dosaggio flessibile, preciso e compatto


Il sistema di dosaggio è un elemento qualitativo della macchina, la sua precisione e velocità determina il ritorno economico del cliente, il quale richiede macchine sempre più compatte e flessibili. […]

Stepper with integrated Ethercat driver


The vector control technology integrated  in stepper motor has realized a performing system able to reduce costs and overall dimensions. The models with encoder input permit to manage in closed-loop […]

New stepper driver with communications bus


Driver DDS

DDS Vectorial Stepper Driver Val Power enlarge the stepper driver products with the new DDS line, full-digital driver that permit a better control of the motor at any speed. STEPLESS […]

World’s first electric dirt bike powered by Sonceboz !


(Italiano) Ktm moto CPM

The new KTM SX-E 5 is a high-end, adaptable mini-crosser especially designed for beginner and competitive junior riders. This 100% electric dirt bike is equipped with a powerful, lightweight, brushless […]

Sonceboz S.A. in the skin of exoskeleton Twiice


Since 2016 and with the participation of paraplegic Swiss athlete Silke Pan, researchers from the EPFL’s Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO) have developed the TWIICE lower-limb exoskeleton. The team has created a robotic […]

Compact power BLDC motor: up to 2kW power at 24V!


The CPM90-24 is a powerful and lightweight brushless DC motor with embedded control electronics and an ultra-compact, integrated design. This motor has been developed from the ground up for mobile […]

Industrial LoadSense


Intelligent actuators for decentralized systems LoadSense with CANopen – smart and robust Easily combinable and pre-tested mechatronic drive units are particularly in demand for decentralized systems, Their complexity is encapsulated […]

LoadSense for MedTech applications



Introduction Motorization of movements is quickly becoming a standard solution in more and more different types of medical applications, ranging from CPR to Dialyze machines. This motorization allow for extremely […]

Sonceboz awarded for its innovation



Sonceboz has been recently awarded by one of its key customer, Gambro, for its innovating LoadSense Technology. The medical company Gambro, leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying products and therapies for […]

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Our developments are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with contact-free technology, to produce linear or rotary motion. Stepper or brushless DC motors, sensors, gear trains, and electronic controls: these are the key elements of your tailored mechatronic system. Positioning, dosing, regulating: for each motion challenge, a solution perfect in size, durability, robustness, noise level, and much more.
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