New stepper driver with communications bus

24 March 2020

DDS Vectorial Stepper Driver

Val Power enlarge the stepper driver products with the new DDS line, full-digital driver that permit a better control of the motor at any speed.Azionamenti DDS

STEPLESS control

The new vectorial management permit to control in a perfect way the current in the winding of the motor, enanche the microsteps technology and create a perfect sinusoidal, in a STEPLESS control. This permit an omogeneus and “linked” variation of the speed, without the traditional step of the microsteps control that produce easier situation of the block of the motor.

This technology permit a better and accurate control of the motor and exploit 100% of its capacity, particulary in the critical movement: acceleration/decelleration, rapidly change of the speed and maximum velocity. Furthemore the motor work silently and without vibration.

More functions with management of the encoder

The new driver series have versions for manage the motor encoder, thanks to this feature is possible to have new functionalities:

  • Dynamic management of the current, is supplied only the needed current for the torque requested in the application. This permit better efficiency, cooler motor that can be used in continuos movement application and management of the torque peak thanks to a 30% more of the current than nominal
  • Block control. The motor give back following errors and manage the motor in order to achieve the target position, also if encountered peak torque. Thanks to raise of the current over the nominal it can manage the unexpected peak torque
  • Torque control. Is possible manage the motor in the way it can supply configured torque, useful in case of controlled pull of material, tighten screw or caps or you want to press with predetermined torque a component
  • Possibility to manage absolute encoder with SSI interface. Furthemore is available supply of the encoder and supply of the logic separate of the power, in order to have control when the motor is switched off

More Input and output

Thanks to an increase numbers of inputs and outputs (also analogic) is possible manage limits (also with homing functionalities), manage other devices and manage analog input for defining speed of the motor

Communication bus for every applications

The new driver lines have inmplemented the most used communication bus, in order to adapt to the principal applications. Today are available: Ethercat, Profinet, CANopen, Modbus and Clock/direction


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