Micromotors for Medtech

26 July 2012

Micro motors: slim, compact and low current consumption. SONCEBOZ has expanded its product portfolio by launching a range of micro-motors for MedTech and Industrial applications



  • Slim and compact
  • Low current consumption
  • PCB mountable and pick&place
  • process assembly compatible
  • Linear or rotary movement
  • High resolution and angular stiffness
  • Lightweight: 7 g to 16 g
  • Low noise emission level: < 35 dBA
  • Stepper motor proven to zero defaults
  • Dedicated to large volumes
  • Reprogrammable ASIC upon customer request


  • Outstanding integration into compact devices
  • Easy to assemble onto PCB
  • Ready to operate in battery and portable devices
  • High service life and excellent reliability
  • Position control for precise motion


Micromotors Slimline for MedTech >>
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Our developments are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with contact-free technology, to produce linear or rotary motion. Stepper or brushless DC motors, sensors, gear trains, and electronic controls: these are the key elements of your tailored mechatronic system. Positioning, dosing, regulating: for each motion challenge, a solution perfect in size, durability, robustness, noise level, and much more.
designed by Andrea Stefani